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3 Academic Secrets to Help with English Homework

There are many students who struggle in English class, especially those who haven’t been encouraged to read and write a lot by their parents while growing up. It’s a sad fact that more and more children are getting more video game or computer time than reading and learning time. If you’re having problems with your English homework, you aren’t alone, and there is a way to help you get better at these things.

Keep on reading to find out some tips on how to succeed in your English class:

  1. Use Mnemonic Devices
    • If you’ve never heard of the word “mnemonic” (the first m is silent by the way) it’s a word that means a little story or a picture in your mind that helps you remember something.
    • Use this for spelling rules, such as “I before E except after C”
    • Remember the theme or a major plot point in a book by associating it to something that happened in your life.
    • For sentence devices like alliteration, remember something that you like to eat or do like “munching more m and m’s” or “drawing dorky desks”.
      How to read Shakespeare (and understand it!)
    • This is something that almost every student struggles with and because the language is so old, even most adults do not appreciate fully the genius of Shakespeare’s works
    • Try to attend a reading of the play or a play put on by actors, because when you see the words come alive with actions and costumes and voices, it can much better help you understand it.
    • Read it more than once: the first time, read just for a basic understanding of the core action that goes on, and the second time for the more subtle elements like tone or irony. This isn’t something that’s better rushed; take your time with it.
    • Read a summary of the play. This isn’t the same as spoilers for a book you’ve been wanting to read, because a lot of Shakespeare is the beauty of the language, and not to do with the story.
      Using CliffNotes and other study guides
    • These have been developed as help for struggling students, and they do have their place, but try not to be too relying upon them.
    • Make sure that your teacher even allows the use of study guides in class; some don’t.
    • Using study guides can lessen the amount of value that you retain from a piece of literature, but they can aid in understanding it.