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Whilst there are many sites offering to provide answers to Geometry problems many of them require payment and are staffed by Geometry  tutors. However with some searching on the Internet it is possible to find free Geometry homework help.

  •  Math offers Geometry terms and information, which can help provide homework answers.
  • Studygeek has geometry lessons to help with home work on transformations triangles, volume Polygons, Pythagorean and theorem rotation angles.
  • Studygeek rovides comprehensive information, the site also has tutors who will clear concepts. As well as basic Geometry lessons there are also video lessons and examples. Studygeek offers parents and children the opportunity to understand the Geometry concepts as well as solve the homework problem. The site has an established  reputation for providing Geometry solutions for homework.
  •  Onlinemathlearning provides information and lessons on basic Geometry and its concepts. 

Videos are included in many of the lessons. It describes Geometry as the study of lines, points, angles, shapes, and how they relate to each other and their properties. It covers the whole subject in a comprehensive form and you just have to click on the topic to begin the lesson. It also has a section at the end for practice questions  and the whole range of topics and explanations is free on line.

Helpingwithmath has a different approach because it provides free printable worksheets and you can get these for geometry as well as other subjects. It covers lines, shapes, objects , areas, angles, triangles, circles, symmetry, volume and Coordinate Geometry . Other special areas of Geometry lessons  , which you can download for free, include 

  • Blank Grids
  • Congruence and Similarity
  • Congruent Triangles
  • Transformations.

Just click on the links to get the free Geometry work sheets and print outs. There is an option to show answers before printing out the sheets.

This is a progressive way to pursue Geometry home work with helpful lessons so that the student can find the way to the answer. They are actually working and the service provided by these sites is entirely free is a useful addition to lessons learned in class. It’s also a great deal cheaper than paying a tutor by the hour.