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Looking For A Qualified Assignment Writer: Helpful Advice

There are lots of really good assignment writers but if you are looking for a qualified writer you may benefit from this advice.

  1. Decide on the qualifications you need your writer to have. Are you looking for a writer with formal qualifications, if so what type of qualifications?
    • If you are asking for support to write academic reports then you need a writer who has the experience and ability to write good academic work.
    • Remember that although formal qualifications are important, it does not mean that they are really good at writing. (They may actually have used a writer themselves to help with the coursework for their qualifications).
  2. Types of writing. What are their areas of specialism?
    • Generally people find that they are more skilled at writing in a particular style. Some are better at creative writing, whilst others are better at report writing and analysis. It’s as much as about personal preference as it is about ability.
    • Make sure that the writer understands you requirements. Be aware that if they do not share the same first language as you that their sentence construction may differ from yours and there may be a few things that are lost in translation. This can happen no matter how well qualified they are.
  3. Recommendations. See what other Clients think about their work.
    • It does not matter if the writer works independently or for an agency, they should invite feedback from their clients and the feedback should be posted preferably on a website.
    • Be realistic when you are looking at the recommendations. If they are all excellent, that is wonderful, but in real terms to get 100% excellent feedback all the time may not be totally true. As a writer it is difficult to please everyone all of the time. But in all fairness to the writer, sometimes they may encounter a client that unrealistically changes the ‘goalposts’ several times or makes false criticism in order to get out of paying for the work.
  4. Samples. Your writer should be able to provide you with several examples of their work.
    • Remember that they are samples and that you are looking at the quality of the content. They will not provide you with a sample that matches your exact need for obvious reasons. But will give you an appropriate sample.
    • The sample should show that their writing follows a logical progression of ideas. If the work is hard to read and does not make much sense then this writer may not be the one that you want to work with.