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Useful Instructions On How To Cope With Homework Anxiety

Some teachers believe that homework will help build “problem-solving skills” and “time management skills” for you. There is a certain amount of “stress” that kicks in, and this is normal. However, for some people, this stress builds up to anxiety, and then can turn into actual fear that stops them from functioning. If this is you, you are not alone, and here are some tips to help deal with this so you can get your work done.

3 Ways To Help With Homework Anxiety

  • First, we want to create a place that is comfortable. If you can choose an area that is relaxing to you, perhaps sit on a soft couch or chair. Some people will put light music on in the background such as classical or new age to help make a calming atmosphere.
  • Second is that this is “normal”. Meaning, at least for now, it is just a part of your everyday life. It is “ok” to do homework, and it can actually develop a skill set for future “normal” everyday things as an adult such as: going to work, mowing the yard, car maintenance, or even washing the dishes every day. You learn that some things just have to get done.
  • Third, develop a plan that works for you. There is an old saying, “Plan your work, and then work your plan.” The goal here is to put some order to this, to organize it in such a way that it sets you up for success. There are two main ways of doing this, and it seems it up to each person’s personality type of which is best. First, is to start with the small tasks to build up confidence for the large tasks later; or, others like to do the “big tasks” first, get it out of the way, then all that is left is the smaller ones.

Remember, we can not eliminate the work. However, we do want to put ourselves into the best position to be successful versus being in a place of fear. We do that by removing the negative things that are going to hold us up, and to install the right things that will help us. Just as a good football coach will put his players in the best position to win the game, put yourself in the best position to complete this work with the least amount of stress possible.