free homework help

Where to look for free English homework help online

English is not as easy for many kids to learn, and they often need help with their homework. Many parents are good at helping them, but this is not always the case either. Sometimes the parents are not that good at English like their kids, so are too busy, or just do not care. Whatever the reason, the kids need the help. And it is out there.

  • On-line Tutoring
  • After school programs
  • DIY Sites
  • Magazines for school kids

All of these offer help in one way or another.

On-line Tutoring

There are a number of on-line tutoring sites, and some of these are free. Using volunteers, or people paid through via Conglomerates, these people are knowledgeable in their skills. Many of these site do a pre-test of the student to see where they are having the most problems. So the test is a no wrong answer, it is to see how to best help the student. The tutors then will walk the student through their homework, and then work with them in the areas they need the most help. This is done through one on one tutoring, projects, and teaching games.

After school programs

It is not uncommon for many schools to help programs on the school sites to work with them on. And this does include their homework. Teachers that work during the day will spend two to three hours after class helping the students on-line. This helps them better understand their subjects when they can easily work one on one. This is always worth the time to go to.

DIY Sites

Many DIY (Do It Yourself) sites also have people who write articles to help students with their homework. These articles are by people who are knowledgeable in the fields they are writing about. Often teachers, professors, or others that are good in the subjects. The articles are double checked through the Editor, either themselves, or through someone they know that is experienced in the subjects. Either way the articles can help a student with their homework.

Magazines for school kids

There are a number of magazines out that have learning tools, and advice on subjects for kids. They are designed around what majority of schools are teaching to help the kids with their homework. There will be articles written by people who explain the different subject material. This is so the child can read a better break down than the teacher has time to do in class. They are great aids as most of these are on-line. They are based on where many kids having a hard time, have the most issues.