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Studying after School: Finding Helpful Homework Programs

Studying after school is one of the best ways to reinforce the concepts that you learn in school. There are many helpful homework programs available after school too.

  1. Tutoring

    You can find a local or school-based tutor to work with you after school.

  2. Study groups

    You can create a study group with other members of your class and work on your homework assignments together to ensure higher comprehension

  3. Office hours

    You can visit your teacher during their office hours to get additional help on a subject or assignment with which you are struggling.

And in addition to after school homework programs, you can also start to incorporate homework skills and study skills into your after school routine. How?

  • Start by creating a homework study time. This should be the same time during the day that you study each day. So if you are free after school from 5pm until 6pm, this should be your homework hour. And that means that every day after school, you do homework for this hour.
  • During your regular study time you should study at the same location. If the school library is the only place you can go where your mom doesn’t ring you every ten minutes or ask you to help for just one minute with the laundry, then go there to do your homework.
  • Stay organized. Make sure that you are organized with regard to your class material and your homework. This is where a lot of students, of all ages, struggle. Simply organization can keep you from succumbing to the stress of due dates and can ensure you don’t forget about an assignment.
  • Keep a positive attitude. This can go a long way in getting your homework done. A positive attitude will help you greatly when you are pushed out of your comfort zone. When you are frustrated, working a study group, and you just don’t understand or are worried that you will fail, remember to stay positive. Every student struggles and you are not alone.
  • Take a break when you need it. Students with a big deadline or test often forget to take a break. Remember that stepping away from your books and going outside for a few minutes of fresh air is perfectly normal, and in fact, encouraged. Every hour of work should result in ten minutes of a break. This will clear your mind and help your creativity and focus reboot.