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How to Create a Good Case Study in no Time

Case studies are not much different from essays, papers or other writing projects. They involve writing talent, time and effort, and a lot of editing to polish it to perfection. When you’re writing a case study, you need to make the person you’re writing about someone that the reader can relate to. For example, telling the story of a situation would involve not just the facts of what happened but people’s feelings, reactions, and goals related to that. When you mention emotions, other people can mentally agree with you and feel the same way. When you write a case study to make a person see things a certain way, you want to make sure they believe you and think that this is the best way.

Writing Case Studies

Everyone enjoys stories. In any class or meeting, any people who have fallen asleep or lost interest usually snap back to the presenter or teacher when they start telling a story. You’ve probably noticed that with yourself, as well. Make sure to include the most important parts of the story:

  • Who is this person in the case study, and what is their life like?
  • What were their goals and hopes?
  • Did they have needs that either were or weren’t met during the story?
  • How did the situation resolve, and were those goals achieved?
  • Was there any update you could talk about, regarding this person a period of time after this particular situation? How does their life look a few months or years later?

Formatting is important for case studies. You need your study to be as clear and easy to read as possible. Include things like lists, headings, shorter paragraphs, text that stands out like bold and italics, as well as pictures, if appropriate.

Provide real, clear numbers and facts with your case study. Instead of just saying that the person could run twice as fast after their training, you should give the exact meters per second, for example. The people reading your case study will be much more likely to relate to that, and it gives them something tangible to fill their imagination with.

Another thing you can do is talk about a specific strategy that was used in this case study. Was there a series of steps the person took to achieve the things they achieved, or did they use a certain product or service to help them?