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Dealing With College Art Homework: 5 Useful Suggestions

Art is one of those subjects that people can usually relate to the passion of. Math may seem to linear or too limiting to those who do not love it but most people have felt inspired by artistic works at least once or twice in their lives. If you have been lucky enough to find yourself in this field during college, you may begin to see the more difficult side of it where you are required to not only be creative but also technically correct. When it comes to your assignments, the tips below can assist you in achieving both of those objectives:

  • Visit art galleries
  • You should become familiar with the way that art is bought, sold and displayed. The names of all the masters should be on the tip of your tongue should anyone else make reference to them. You should know on sight what people who have had recent success model their work after. This can help you to be influenced without becoming a blatant plagiarist. Few things are considered as sinful as that in the creative fields.

  • Study street artists work
  • As much as the galleries can give you a foundation, much of what is trending in the artistic realm is happening in the streets. Even the most traditional of art professors will have heard of so called graffiti artists like the infamous Banksy whose true identity remains a mystery to most. Their techniques can provide you with new ways of looking at your craft.

  • Experiment with new media
  • When you are given an assignment, think of the different media you can use. You may enjoy paint on canvas but perhaps chiseling marble would suit you even better if you tried it.

  • Meditate
  • When you nee ideas that are creative, it helps to switch off the logical side of your brain just temporarily. The safest and cheapest way to do this is through meditation. Ideas you probably didn’t know you could put together will come to you with ease.

  • Get musical inspiration
  • Second to meditation in altering your thinking would be listening to music. There are songs that can almost make you see the piece you need to make visual as an artist.

While many people consider the value of the STEM subjects and lament that more people do not enter them, artists too need their credit. Their products make life livable for everyone else.