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GCSE Coursework Help: Using References

What is GCSE anyway? It stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education and is basically a test that is given in the UK to students at the age of 16. It will cover all of the work that they have done throughout the year along with a final test.

What do references have to do with anything?

References have a lot to do with it. Whenever you need to research a topic you should show where you got the information from. Not on will this earn you points for research but it will also keep you from failing your course and probably being expelled from school and possibly even facing criminal charges for plagiarism that you will be fined for and possibly have to go to jail for a period of time.


Let’s go back to the part about points for research for a minute. Part of your overall grade will come from whether or not you researched anything along with whether you cited it properly.


You can show your citation in the body of your work or at the end on a page that is dedicated to references (generally called a Bibliography). When you are citing sources you need to show the type of source as well as what it was. If your source is a person you interviewed then their name and field of expertise will suffice. When citing a reference from a piece of printed material you must show the name of the source along with a page reference as well as who wrote it.

You can also do this in a style known as footnotes where the citations are made at the bottom of the page that the material is used on.

The GCSE does not have to be terribly difficult to pass. All that you need to do is to complete all of your work that is assigned to you and study hard. Try to retain as much knowledge as you can in order to get past the final exam. Every little thing that you do is graded including references, so you should try to show as many references as possible. This is not just to enhance your grade but it will also save you from trouble in the event that someone accuses you of plagiarism. If you do not cite any sources then you will have to apply your signature to a document stating that all of the work included in the paper is your own.