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How to Do Your Homework Effectively

Students are getting more and more homework these days. Completing assignments in time can become a real challenge. There are some easy rules that will help make your learning activities more effective and less stressful.

At School:

  • Write down all your assignments. A lot of students just mark the exercises and pages they need to cover; it is quick and easy, but not really effective. You can have a special notebook or a planner to write down all your homework in.
  • Make certain that you understand your task. Take your time to read the assignments carefully. If you do not comprehend something, ask your teacher. Asking a question will not make you look stupid or slow. Most teachers encourage their students to ask questions!
  • Record all the details about each task: deadlines, references, teacher’s explanations, etc.

At Home:

  • Find a quiet, well-lit spot for your workspace.
  • Check that you have everything you are going to need for your homework. It can be really annoying to deflect your attention away once you have started your work.
  • Remove all distractions; leave social networks, turn off the TV, and put your phone away.

Some students find it difficult to work in their own bedrooms because there are too many amusements. It can be a good idea to do your studies in the living-room or in the kitchen. If there is no suitable place at home, ask at your school library. They usually stay open in the afternoon.

  • Start with the most urgent work. Remember about your deadlines!
  • Do the most difficult assignments first.
  • Do not forget to take short breaks to stretch your legs.
  • Have a cup of tea, make a phone call, or go to the bathroom during your break. Do not waste your working time.
  • Contrive an inducement to complete your homework. It can be your favorite video game, an ice-cream, or time to chat with your friends!
  • Always check your work. Spelling and careless mistakes can level down your grades.

How to Find Some Extra-Time:

  • Revise your homework during school breaks.
  • If you have to ride a bus or wait for your sports practice, you can spend this time doing your assignments. It may save you a couple hours every day!

General Tips:

  • Healthy nutrition and enough rest will help you stay focused.
  • Too much stress will make you less efficient.
  • The more you work in class, the less you work at home!