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American History Homework Help: How to Find a Good Writer

So you’ve decided to use an online writing service for help reviewing, editing, or providing sample work for an assignment in your history class. This can be a very challenging process, especially since most of the work with your writer occurs remotely, sight-unseen, and it may seem impossible to verify who your writer is and what their qualifications are. Even the most astute consumer has reason for doubt and worry, to an extent, in this situation!

Thankfully, there are writing services online that are completely reputable, with highly qualified, highly educated historians on staff who will be happy to help you write the best possible paper. Here are some ways to ensure you are working with one of these high-quality writers before you embark on a professional relationship with them.

Verify Their Time Period of Expertise

History is a large field, spanning all of past human experience and innovation, and including countless regions, cultures, countries, and religions. Very few historians are equally knowledgeable about all time periods and all areas of the world. When you are looking for writing help on your history homework, then, you should seek out a writer who knows your time period.

Pay extra attention to whether the writer you are looking at specializes in western history (including Europe, the Americas after the 1600’s, as well as ancient Greece and Rome) eastern history (including Asia and the Pacific from early prehistory to the present) or another region (such as Africa, India, or South America). If this information isn’t available on the writer’s page, ask them directly.

Ask for Sample Work

You also want to ensure that your historian is an accomplished writer who can construct high-quality work for you. To ensure this is the case, contact your writer and ask him or her for a piece of example work they have done in the past.

This does not need to be a previous paper assignment they have helped with-- usually, these will not be shared, in order to prevent plagiarism. But if your writer is experienced and successful, they will have other sources of work to show you, even if it’s just a paper they submitted for one of their own classes, or a series of blog posts. Review the quality of the work and ask yourself if they are consistent with your expectations (and your instructor’s standards).

Ask about Educational Background

Do not be afraid to quiz your writer. Remember: you are the client! Ask your writer where he or she earned their degree in history, and what their highest degree attained was. If they have completed a Master’s or a PhD, consider asking them which topics they specialized in or wrote their Thesis about. Remember, you are looking for someone who is an expert in the time period and region you are interested in, so don’t be shy about ascertaining this info!