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Help with Chemistry Homework: Choosing a Topic for Your Project

Like any academic assignment, chemistry projects can require a lot of time and energy to complete. When you’re busy outside of school, and have other important responsibilities that take up your free time, it is important to make the most of the hours spent working on homework. You don’t want to waste time – because, really, you don’t have enough as it is!

Choosing a topic for your project will determine how much time the overall process will take. So choosing wisely is important.

Picking a Topic

When choosing a topic for a chemistry project, it is important to make a map of what you are looking to accomplish. Using an outline or a cluster, jot down some arguments or topics that you are considering. Using the very basic information you have to start, review each topic idea to see if it’s a subject that will be easy to research, or one that might take too much time.

  1. Consider your argument: Is the subject something that you can argue? What would be the main point you would make about the topic?
  2. Consider research options: if you choose the subject, will it be hard to find sources of information? Is it too new of a concept to find information on? Or is it a well-established subject that will require a lot of sifting through multiple sources?
  3. Consider your interest: If you choose the subject, will writing about it bore you? While chemistry research may not be the highlight of your day, you should try to find a topic that interests you at least a little. Boredom often leads to additional time needed to complete the project.


Once you’ve narrowed your subject to two subjects (at the most!), start researching. It is important that you are able to find sources quickly and easily. If one subject doesn’t yield any results, move on with another.

As you complete your research, take notes for inclusion in your paper. Write down quotes, study data, and other pertinent facts that you may include in the body of your paper. And with each, include citation information for your source so that you can cite it correctly. It is much easier to work off of notes than to sift back in a handful of books looking for a bit of information that you saw previously.