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Essay writing guide: correcting grammar mistakes

Mistakes in any writing piece make them unappealing to the reader. Below are some of the disadvantages of having mistakes in your paper:

  • Distractions- mistakes distract the person reading from the message that one wants o give to the reader. This is especially true if the writing piece is an assignment for a teacher. Many teachers can attest to the fact that they get enraged by students even in the highest levels of learning that make the most basic of mistakes.
  • Reputation- regardless of how well researched the paper is, mistakes will no doubt lower the reputation of the writer. People cannot take you seriously if you cannot cover your bases, and if for instance you cannot spell a word correctly how would you expect the reader to believe you when you explain its meaning?
  • Marks- if one is to receive marks or awards for their writing, mistakes will definitely not help the cause. Teachers will tell you that many students find themselves filing in their writing assignments because of basic mistakes and not because of the content of their work. Even writing assignments as important as admission essays sometimes miss the mark because of grammar.

    The following are some of the surest ways that one can use to avoid mistakes in their writing:

  • Proofread it yourself- everyone knows themselves and the mistakes they are most prone to making. Self evaluation is probably the first step towards realizing solutions to the problems in the paper. One knows the places they had most problems with and will therefore be expecting mistakes.
  • Have someone proofread it for you- having a close friend, relative, classmate or teacher proof read your work for you is also another way of avoiding mistakes. Other people will provide an impartial eye and get those things that one did not find in their paper. In the case where they get a teacher or older student to help, they can bank on their experience writing or evaluating these papers to get the best out of the proofreading exercise.
  • Professional proofreaders- there are individuals who specialize in reading the works of other people and correcting the mistakes, if any, for a small fee. They can be found easily on the net or in the neighborhood.
  • Proofreading websites- there are many websites or programs available that can be used to proofread one’s work. Examples include grammarly and turnitin.